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Traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia

The first documented evidence of this noble vinegar date back to 1406 (the poem “Vita mathildis” of the Monk Donizone), when the German Emperor Henry II, travelling to Rome, stepped over in Piacenza and asked Boniface, marquis of Tuscany and father of the famous countess Matilde, to taste the special vinegar prepared in the Castle of Canossa.
After hundreds of years this balsamic vinegar continue to be produced according to the ancient recipe; the product is obtained through the sugary and acetic fermentation of the boiled must in barrels and a long and natural aging process which is never less than 12 years.

LOBSTER: rich in acidity, recommended for carpaccio, pinzimonio, salads, added to white and red meat when cooked or as basic ingredient when cooking game.

SILVER: softer, more rich and sweet, best appreciated if added to main courses, soufflé, risotto, mayonnaise, sauces for boiled meat and fishes.

GOLD: the oldest one, intense and rich in fragrance, suitable for cheese, fruit, ice-cream or as a taste when eaten up.

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