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Gianferrari... a brand ...a story

The land of Matilde di Canossa is situated in the midst of the natural landscape of Appennino Reggiano.This land has always been appreciated for the good quality of its products. In 1046 the German Emperor Henry III asked Boniface, father of the future Queen of Italy Matilde, for that well known balsamic vinegar prepared in the Castle of Canossa. In the same land we also produce Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, obtained from the milk of the local 'red' cows whose whey was used to feed the pigs chosen and used in Our pork butchery.

Here in Canossa, in 1951 Fernando Gianferrari and his wife Maria started to manufacture salumi as small pork-butcher artisans. The art and knowledge have then passed from father to son and today, thanks to the long experience in the field, we can guarantee high quality products. The pork meat employed here comes only from well-fed pigs, it is home & hand made and with no preservatives. The long ageing and the particular climate of Val d'Enza contribute to the uniqueness and the high quality of Gianferrari products.

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